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Stitching Kids

There are many kiddies out there that love to sew and cross stitch, but many sites I've visited mainly cater for us grownups who can follow big detailed patterns, understand complicated instructions and who have probably been stitching for many years!

I am dedicating this page to the children.

Below you will find links to some excellent cross stitch sites for kids, and also some links to fun pages too.


Click on the little girls to take you to the links.

DAISY DESIGNS - This is a beautiful site offering simple charts for kids, jokes and other stuff.

TEACHING KIDS TO CROSS STITCH - A very good site for teaching your kids how to cross stitch. Excellent tips and ideas.

FREE CROSS STITCH AND PLASTIC CANVAS  CHARTS FOR KIDS - Some lovely charts that kids will love.

KIDS CRAFT - A nice variety if cross stitch patterns and other simple crafts for kids.

ALL CRAFTS - A large range of free patterns for cross stitch and many other crafts (Adults can have fun with these too!!)

General Fun Links for Kids


FUNBRAIN - Interactive, educational games (math and grammar) for children of all ages. Games include Math Baseball, Change Maker, and Wacky Tales.

KIDS.COM - WWW playground for children aged four to 15..Find pen pals, enter contests, or play a geography game.

JUST FOR KIDS - Cool site for kids offering loads of fun activities, and links to others fun sites.

KIDSFUN - Fun stuff for kids of all ages.

KIDS CLUB HOUSE - Turn off the TV and check out these puzzles and games. Includes a writing contest and book reviews by and for kids.

Don't forget.....There is more fun stuff on my Take A Break Page.